The new-generation biofungicide

Seipasa®, the company specialised in the development, formulation, and manufacture of highly technical products for agriculture, present in more than 25 countries, offers farmers a new tool for the control of diseases such as powdery mildew, botrytis and Alternaria in fruit and vegetable crops.

Fungisei, winner of the Most Innovative Formulation Award at the prestigious international Agrow Awards.

Patented formulation: Bacteriostatic agent and biocide formulations:
EP 3167717

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Liquid formulation, easy to use and apply

Product classed as Low Risk by the European Commission

Remains in perfect condition even at extreme hot and cold temperatures

Furity Technology

Its formulation remains stable for more than two years

No marks left on fruit

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Bio-control activity
Fungisei has antagonistic action and control, preventing pathogen development

High colonisation capacity
Fungisei acts as a «spreader», aiding root and leaf colonisation

No pre-harvest intervals
Applications can be carried out very near to harvesting

It enhances induced systemic resistance potential in plants

Broad spectrum biological fungicide
Highly effective against downy mildew, botrytis and Alternaria in berries, grapevines, vegetables, tomatoes and chilli peppers among other crops

Environmentally friendly
Tool for Integrated Pest Management and Organic Agriculture strategies